1. How can I donate to the Jennifer and Gregory Louie Foundation for cerebral palsy?

The JGL Foundation for Cerebral Palsy is a private foundation, our Canada Revenue number is 84999 8885 RR0001. All general and administrative costs associated with our organization are paid for by Jennifer and Gregory. Therefore, 100% of your donations go directly to helping an individual with cerebral palsy. With that said, you can donate by cheque and we can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

2. I would like to apply to the JGL Foundation for funding for myself or my child. How do I start the process?

Please look under the “Grant” tab for more information or email

3. What is cerebral palsy?

People who have a diagnosis of cerebral palsy have difficulty moving their bodies and maintaining posture. It is a result of an injury/lesion to the brain that occurs in utero, during birth, or during infancy. To learn more, please see the “Cerebral Palsy” tab.

4. What type of assistive technology or equipment will the JGL Foundation accept a grant application?

The JGL Foundation will consider funding for assistive technology that can enhance one’s mobility and/or quality of life. Examples of equipment include: wheelchairs, standers, walkers, gait trainers, adaptive bicycles, adaptations to wheelchairs, lifts, positioning devices, adaptive devices to make one’s home more accessible, orthotics, extra-depth shoes for orthotics, theratogs/benik vests, switches. These are just a few examples, please email us if you have questions regarding what pieces of equipment/assistive technology will be considered for funding.